Construcción y mantenimiento
de piscinas
y tratamientos de agua.

Construction of swimming pools

Construction of swimming pools

  •  Filtration
  •  Chlorination by saline electrolysis
  •  Automatic regulation of chlorine and pH
  •  Underwater lighting, Heating and covers
  •  Automatic covers, Automatic pool cleaners
Our services

Our services

  •  Legionella
  •  Wellness and Spa Areas
  •  Osmosis, Descalcifying
  •  Maintenance
  •  Water analisis
Mytagua s.l.

Our products

  •  Pools
  •  Water treatment
  •  Water analisis
  •  Chemicals
  •  Wellness and Spa Areas


Mounts and water treatment

We specialize in installation, commissioning and maintenance of plant and equipment to treat all kind of waters, and our water treatment solutions are made with quality system under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, so we always have the right technology and proven to provide the most effective response in any situation.

Our services and products are designed for both the sector of Hotels and Restaurants, the Industry, Schools and Hospitals as well as privates and communities of neighbors, and our success is due to the trust our clients place in us and in our services.